Creating Related Records on the Master

Puzzle pieces image

With our new architecture presented to the end user in a nice left to right tabbed display, we need to step up the elegance for related record creation. With the help of another mature and outstanding module called Entity Connect, we will allow our end users the ability to create related records directly from the master node. That's right, no more, hopping in and out of separate content types to create related nodes! Another feature of this structure is that any related node we create from the master will be visible on the master node via a combination of Entity Connect and by using a standard auto complete field widget on the entity reference field.

Once you have the Entity Connect module installed and enabled, by default, when you create an entity reference field on a node, you'll have the Add New and Edit options for the related node from the master right on the field settings of the entity reference field. How convenient! There are times where you will not want that default behavior, but for the most part, it comes in very handy. You just have to experiment a bit and get comfortable with what those features offer and when not to allow them.

As an FYI, the Entity Connect module is extremely small and as far as function goes, quite pin-pointed. But with that said, the result is extremely powerful and elegant. It allows you to create a new node from the master, save that new node and automatically be brought back to the node you started from. That's it, but, that's precisely what we need!

The screen shots below show the settings area of the entity reference field on the master node and what's available to you. They also illustrate the UI appearance of the Entity Connect controls.