Jay Epstein, Drupal Developer

My career in Information Technology spans over 25 years. I've enjoyed the opportunity to become a focused technologist with specialties in data migration, data modeling and Drupal data architecture. Along with my hands-on development roles, I have proven results as a consultant with an ability to articulate data design concepts, migration logic and data modeling strategies to stake holders through end users as well as back end system training. I especially enjoy the challenge of taking a client's thought process and creating a simple back end solution. I believe in modularity for back end Drupal design that allows for a solid, yet small foot print foundation with unlimited expansion capabilities. I strive to avoid custom code in favor of well planned architecture and processes.

Current Projects and Happenings


  • I made it DrupalCon New Orleans! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the level of cool that a Con offers. If you never attended one, you're missing out big time.


  • The Broward Drupal User Group celebrated its 6th anniversary!
  • I presented at the Florida DrupalCamp 2016. This year the focus was on higher education data architecture and how that architecture can be bundled into an automated, main frame data fed Drupal site that acts as a multi campus, multi subject and multi instructor course schedule display. The case study covered flat file inports and allowing the architecture to bring that flat data into three dimensions and be contextually aware. Check it out here.
  • More and more DrupalCamp sites are going with Relativity to power their event sites rather than using a distro. So far, that I know of, Florida DrupalCamp, MidCamp and Chattanooga DrupalCamp have adopted the Relativity model. Sweet!!!!!!


  • Sweet!!!!!!! Drupal 8 achieves RC1 on October 7, 2015. I'm looking forward to diving into the new world of Drupal 8. And, I have a brand new dev build beginning mid October that will be on Drupal 8! Can't wait! Here's more info on D8.
  • The Drupal for beginners class part 4 at the South Florida Drupal Users Group in October, 2015 wraps up a 4 month, in-depth instruction series on getting up to speed on Drupal's learning curve ladder. Special emphasis was placed on the Relativity Data Model and some of the tips and tricks I have learned along my own learning curve ladder.


  • I was honored to be a guest on the DrupalEasy podcast with hosts Mike Anello, Ryan Price and Ted Bowman. Check out the podcast here.
  • I'm teaching a Drupal beginners program at The South Florida Drupal Users Group in Delray Beach, FL. The first two meetups brought a great crowd of enthusiastic Drupalers wanting to learn Drupal along with the Relativity data model together as one. Session three is scheduled for late September and will delve into accelerating the students through data architecture, Views and introducing the strategy to compact data back ends with elegance and speed. For those curious people reading this... you've heard correctly... NO taxonomy. Yep, really :)


  • The Broward Drupal Users Group is now part of a tri-county Drupal initiative to conduct local meetups in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties and organized with the same dedication, feature richness and Drupal-Love that Broward Drupal has offered since late 2009.


  • I'm presenting at the Florida DrupalCamp 2015. Check out the session: http://bit.ly/1N57DQI
  • I co-organize the Broward Drupal Users Group in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It's our 5 year anniversary in April. Amazing how fast those 5 years went.
  • I am honored to be included in the website data architecture/site build for Florida DrupalCamp 2015. Historically, DrupalCamps have created their anual camp websites using the COD Distro. This year, I was asked to implement the Relativity Data Model in lieu of COD.